Kundli Dosha

Vastu Consultant in Nerul,Navi Mumbai

Vastu Consultant in Nerul, Navi mumbai. A house built as per the Vaastu Shastra, provides us with a healthy and secure life. Office buildings built on Vaastu principles enhance sales and productivity. Vaastu compliant factories can promote the efficiency of the workers and minimize breakdown of machines or other equipments. Malls and retail outlets can see the boost in sales. In short, modern age societies can benefit from Vaastu in a lot of ways. Vaastu Science when coupled with your Birth Chart becomes a unique powerful chart which shows how your environment is affecting you in accordance with Birth chart . Your Birth chart should not be read separately . With Astro Vaastu reading and remedies suggested your chart your Remedies becomes complete and gives results in a more promising way. Vaastu is a Sanskrit word. If we break it down, Vaas means to live and tu means you – combined meaning is a place where you live. Shastra is also a Sanskrit word which means a text or study. Vastu means ‘the art of building one’s living and working spaces in harmony with Nature’. It is a traditional Hindu system of architecture that describes the principles of design, layout, measurement, space arrangement using mathematics and geometry.

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